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University of Phoenix

The University of Phoenix is the biggest private university in North America and is headquartered in Phoenix, Arizona.

The University of Phoenix is an accredited institution of higher studying that offers a generous mixture of online degree programs, and tuition incorporates the expense of textbooks. It furnishes 170 block and-mortar campuses and studying habitats for students who need a more accepted studying experience. Phoenix focuses on the working grown-up student, yet it has a different student populace.

Since the focus is on the single working student, this university offers generous adaptability in booking. The University of Phoenix furnishes individual consideration from its instructors, yet you likewise will work collaboratively with different students as part of a studying group with every class you take. The school stresses that collaboration furnishes the chance for students to collaborate with one another, exchange plans and get better provided for the working environment.

Class sizes are little and commonly have 15 or fewer students for every class. The University of Phoenix has near 600,000 graduates, practically 480,000 current students and 32,000 working parts, which join together to make an impressive system of potential contacts. The classes offer an online neighborhood for students who never set foot on a campus. There are talk rooms, online groups through various social sites, and group assignments inside the classroom.

The working parts carry an average of 19 years of work experience to the classroom. The university additionally offers the biggest business school with a MBA program offered both on campuses and in addition online. The tuition is in the mid-range for online schools, however that is tempered impressively by the way that the tuition incorporates the expense of textbooks. There are an incalculable number of financial aid choices, particularly for military faculty and veterans.

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The University of Phoenix has additionally advanced a comprehensive “Go Green” drive, which puts them in the top ten colleges and universities that use green control, according to the Environmental Protection Agency.

In addition to everything else, the University of Phoenix encourages working from home, does marked paper reusing, uses unique glass to reduce warm pick up and employs vigor productive lighting and water-productive arranging at its campuses. It additionally distinguishes staffers for their ecologically well disposed offer assistance.

Accreditation: 8/10

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The University of Phoenix is provincially accredited by the Higher Learning Commission and is a part of the North Central Association. A number of the business programs are accredited by the Association of Collegiate Business Schools and Programs. The nurturing program is accredited by means of the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The Master of Arts in Education program, with alternatives in Elementary Teacher Education and Secondary Teacher Education, is preaccredited by the Teacher Education Accreditation Council (Teac) through 2012. For additional information on various accreditations and affiliations, consult the university site.

Credentials Offered: 8.6/10

The University of Phoenix offers associate, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral degrees in a mixture of fields. The university additionally offers certificates in a few ranges, for example a Graduate Accounting Certificate, a Graduate Human Resources Certificate, and a Graduate Marketing Certificate, and additionally undergraduate certificates in Human Resource Management and Project Management. The university likewise offers an educational master program, which focuses on leadership with a specialization in Curriculum and Instruction.

University of Phoenix / MBA

Programs: 8/10

The University of Phoenix offers an imposing assortment of online degree programs incorporating bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degrees in numerous fields. You can get a degree from 10 distinctive ranges incorporating administration (eight bachelor’s degrees accessible, nine master’s degrees and two doctoral degrees) and business (two doctoral degrees accessible).

You likewise can get degrees in criminal justice (one bachelor’s degree accessible); education (six master’s degrees plus proceeding education for instructing certification restorations); health care (a bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral degree); information frameworks and technology (two bachelor’s degrees and four master’s degrees); management (seven bachelor’s degrees, nine master’s degrees and one doctoral degree); marketing (one bachelor’s degree); nurturing (two bachelor’s degrees, two master’s degrees and one doctoral degree); and brain research (one bachelor’s degree and one master’s degree).

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Institution Features: 10/10

The University of Phoenix has 170 campuses across the country, which puts an university campus inside 10 miles of 87 million Americans. With this numerous areas, students have more chances to take either online or on-campus classes, or a combo of the two. There are likewise online neighborhoods on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, Myspace, and Linkedin, giving students a spot to exchange plans and join with one another. There is additionally a military division, which permits military staff to proceed their online education while they serve abroad.

Tuition & Financial Aid: 7.5/10

Tuition at the University of Phoenix is in the mid-range for online education programs, however textbooks are incorporated in the tuition expenses. The university offers an assortment of elected financial aid programs incorporating Pell Grants, Stafford Loans and scholarships. There are unique financial alternatives for military work force. The University of Phoenix likewise is affirmed for various different veterans benefit programs for students who qualify.


General, the University of Phoenix has an extraordinary arrangement to offer students as far as an online education. The school offers a mixture of completely accredited online degree programs in a few fields, tuition that incorporates textbooks, adaptable planning and a collaborative nature’s domain.

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