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Grand Canyon University

Grand Canyon University is a private college that furnishes various online education programs. This 62-year old fashioned is a Christian institution of higher education, however it is non-denominational. The online university is based in Phoenix, Arizona, and furnishes six colleges under its university umbrella.

Grand Canyon University (gcu) uses an accomplice based model for its online university degree programs. Accomplice studying is when students are assigned to a gathering and they propel through an arrangement of center courses together, accompanied by a decision of region accentuations.

Grand Canyon University is provincially accredited by The Higher Learning Commission and is a part of the North Central Association.The busines program at Grand Canyon University is approved by way of the Association of College Business Schools.. The state of Arizona Board of Nursing and State Board of Education affirm the nurturing and education programs moreover. Nonetheless, prospective students may as well check with the state where they plan to function to guarantee that their college credentials meet that state’s licensing necessities.

Grand Canyon University offers eight diverse doctoral degrees in various subjects; 10 bachelor’s degrees and 17 master’s degrees from its College of Education; 11 bachelor’s degrees in the College of Fine Arts and Production; and 19 bachelor’s degrees and 13 master’s degrees in the College of Arts and Sciences.

In its College of Nursing, there are 12 master’s or post-master’s levels and a bachelor of science degree. There likewise are “extension” programs that arrange students to move to a master’s degree in nurturing. In any case, a large portion of the nurturing offerings are not online and require accepted university class participation.

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Grand Canyon University affords degrees from the Ken Blanchard College of Business, the College of Education, the College of Humanities and the College of Nursing and Health Sciences in their on-line education program. The Ken Blanchard College of Business offers a MBA program that incorporates an in number attention on qualities, ethics and great leadership in keeping with Grand Canyon University’s Christian rationality. The College of Education incorporates degrees in primary education and auxiliary education, and graduate degrees in curriculum instruction and doctorate degrees in organizational leadership. Notwithstanding the nurturing program, the College of Nursing and Health Sciences incorporates degrees in compulsion advising, family help and healthcare administration.

Grand Canyon University states on its site that it plans to make online education as “seamless as would be prudent.” The university gives an excercise at the starting of every course so students can come to be acquainted with the structure.

The school additionally prides itself on using a constant organization for every class. The university expects students to use no less than 10-15 hours for every class, and students can sign on and participate at whenever and in anywhere.

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On top of its online degree programs, Grand Canyon University likewise has two campuses in Phoenix and one in Tempe, Arizona.

The expense of going to Grand Canyon University (gcu)

The expense of going to Grand Canyon University is in an average range for online education programs. There are an assortment of installment choices, incorporating immediate charging, credits, grants and scholarships. The school offers a scholarship for military or previous military staff who qualify. There are some flat interest advances and grants accessible, and a mixed bag of installment choices. There is even an extraordinary gathering of scholarships accessible for online students.


This university’s program and degree decisions online are not exactly so broad as some other online schools. Nonetheless, the online programs at Grand Canyon University are accredited, and the modest size of the student populace offers single consideration. One engaging part of Grand Canyon University is its associate based model, which permits students to cooperate with different students in the same online program. This model offers a group of studying, permitting students to develop relationships and accept underpin and encouragement from their individual learners

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